What is CALL FORCE? 

CALL FORCE is a 4-week, blinded representative only advisory board. Field Factor Training is looking to redefine "the call" and we are looking for the industry's best representatives to help us. 

What does "blinded" mean? 

This means that your name, company information and products will all be blinded to the other advisory members. We will remain anonymous on our Zoom calls to maintain privacy of sharing. Calls will not be recorded. 

What's in it for me? 

Half of the call we will tackle big issues...how to get access, how we make impact with HCPs, virtual selling, how often we follow-up and (*gasp*) the reality of a typical day. The other half of the call, we will be offering free leadership development around advanced selling techniques, career development, and industry insights. You'll also meet some other anonymous rockstars and take away some cool ideas real-time! 

What is the commitment? 

Meetings will last 1 hour and take place either on Thursdays or Fridays in September for four weeks. Please note, here is no monetary compensation for this commitment.

How do I apply? 

Simply submit the form below. We will notify selected members by August 15th. 


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